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About One Global Art

This is all about showing, connecting and creating One Global Art.

One Global Art is a novel form of showing, connecting and creating art across all styles and cultures. Our online video gallery features local artists around the world in the moment of creation or performance. Each work shown here is specially made for our project and becomes One Global Art.

Making One Global Art is a collaborative process where creative people across various styles and forms of artistic expression share and connect through their works. Each art work inspires creation of another piece of art. An act of painting may inspire a musician, who can compose a piece of music that goes with the video-recorded act of painting. This music may in turn inspire an actor or a dancer to improvise and perform another piece of art which will be video recorded and shown in our One Global Art gallery and so the story goes on, developing in an unknown direction.

The process of creating One Global Art is an art work in itself. It is a continuing creative experience of becoming One Global Art.

The first season done in 2009 starts off the project by creating a network of art videos in various parts of the world and in different art forms and styles. These artistic works are relatively vaguely connected to offer flexible possibilities to tie them up into one collaborative art project in the years to come. Since the artists in the first season didn’t have access to previous works, we gave them a leading theme for inspiration – this theme was communication.

The formal production and viewing format of One Global Art is identical to the one used for One Global Story (and One Global Movement). However, unlike One Global Story, the content of our Art project is not restricted by formal rules and story telling guidelines, neither is it guided by logic or reason. It is a free work led by the artist’s intuition and creativity.

Production and viewing rules

Our art works are made according to clearly defined rules and procedures (i.e. the format) that make the project original. Some of the rules include, for example:

24 hour rule – We make our arts in less than 24h. This means each artist has 24h to create and deliver the work in its audio-visual form.

Simple creativity – Our video arts are simply made, no need for a big production set, expensive equipment or materials. However, we still want to make art of good aesthetic quality. This is why we emphasize and value the improvisation skills and creativity of our creators.

How to use it

Just jump to any art video and then into another one, and another one, and discover how they connect and unfold into One Global Art.

You will notice that the art videos are organized based on geographical world regions. We do this for easier navigation through the video content. You may find it particularly useful when our project grows into a large number of art works. This geographical division does not mean the arts develop and connect to other works only within their region. Of course you may find some regional similarities and links but each work of art from any place on earth may freely connect to any other art projects, irrespective of where these originate from.

Remember the arts grow and become one with each new contribution. This keeps the project fresh, creative and ongoing.

Global Community

One Global Art is a community-based project. It is free and open for global collaboration.   Our members are creative people who collaborate and connect by making art videos. There are no formal guidelines defining who is an artist here as long as the person contributes an original and creative work. Only people who participated in and contributed to our project can be active members of our community. Others can enjoy our work by watching it. (See ‘Tell a Story’ and our ‘Terms and Conditions’ for directions on how to participate in our project).

One Global Art together with two other projects (One Global Story and One Global Movement) are based on the same concept, procedures, and format created and copy right-protected by the producer, Global Media Content, owned by Andrzej Gwizdalski.