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Argentina, Buenos Aires

Liquid Love

Constanza de MaussionConstanza, 23, is from Buenos Aires. She studies Acting and Psychology. Constanza also works as a primary school teacher. In the future she would like to be a psychodramaturg. She is open for collaboration in Spanish and English.

Fernando RodilFernando Rodil is 19 and is studying Psychology, Theatre and Writing. He speaks Spanish and English. Fernando participated as an actor in various shows and is now involved in different theatrical projects as an actor, director and script writer. Fernando also enjoys writing short stories and theater plays and playing the guitar. He is especially interested in Philosophy.

Austria, Vienna

ARTificial Honest Love

Richard WolfRichard Wolf is from Vienna, Austria. Right now he is an author and speaks German and English. He does odd jobs for a living and produces his own short texts and videos. He would like to surf more and to be able to say more about himself.

Ida PallinIda Pallin Bostadløkken

Germany, Berlin

Petit Love

Javier Merino Correas 120x88 Javier, 32, lives and works in Madrid. He is a painter and a photographer. He loves cinema, which he considers to be a necessary lie. He hopes to one day travel to Japan and write a love story in Tokyo (Coixet has already done this, grrr). He still sometimes offers his services as a DJ in his spare time, even for free, he he he. Soul funk boogalo, rock steady, may the sixties come back.

JimenaJimena Rodriguez Berisso is an Argentinean model and muse for Javier’s creative work.

Music for Petit Love by:

Arno Steinacher Arno, is 31 and comes from southern Austria. At the moment, he is studying Computational Systems Biology in Sheffield, UK. He speaks German, English and Swedish. Arno also works as a sound artist and composer of electroacoustic music. Nature is his main passion and he is especially interested in pattern formation in living systems. He loves science fiction, Italian and Indian food, gardening, and Mathematics.

USA, San Francisco

Sin of Suicide by Adolf Hitler

Lukas Lukasik Lukas Lukasik, filmmaker, playwright and one of the founders of “The Movement” created in San Francisco which has been his home base for the past 3 years. Born in Poland on 5th of July 1983 during the civil war, Lukasik grew up watching too many American films that his Dad (a policeman) would bring home from the streets. Since he was 12, only one goal has been shinning over his mind: ’spinning pictures in motion to reach an emotional level that would deliver his thoughts straight through one’s heart and mind to one’s choices’.

SAEKOSaeko Imai is 20 and comes from Tokyo, Japan. She is currently a student at a college in San Francisco, studying Theater and Acting. She speaks Japanese and English. She says ‘hello!’ to everyone who is reading her profile right now and would like to hug them if she ever sees them in person. She is a big fan of llamas and dreams about having a slumber party with her llama friends one day.