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Paris Story is up!

February 24, 2010 8:59 pm

Hello everyone!

Finally, after a little break we have our petit Paris story ready to watch and comment on!

The story is light and sweet.  It came together when two young strangers met for the first time one warm summer night in Paris.  They improvised on the spot sharing their own experiences around the iconic locations of the city.

It is also one of our shorter movies both in terms of running and production time (thanks to great work by Myriam and Geoffroy!). Some of you may notice that we experimented with mixed genres which should work well for the story.

And last but not the least, there’s the MUSIC. Rafal put together a group of very talented musicians with Pawel who got the leading theme on piano and Wojtek  who played on tenor saxophone the fragment from our New York Story Key composed by Joe.

So, what you will see in the movie is a Croatian saxophone player in the underground station in Paris who appears to play a piece of music by Joe Good from Portland composed originally for the New York Story and arranged by Rafal from Gdansk and finally played on saxophone by Wojtek.

Wow! Confusing? Maybe. But isn’t it international? And that’s what we are creating here.

This may perhaps encourage you to some collaboration.

Enjoy the story and please share you opinion in the comments.
You may want to use your headphones for better effects.

all the best


Happy Festive Seasons!

December 21, 2009 10:24 pm

Dear Story Makers and Viewers!

I hope 2009 was as good for you personally as it was for our One Global Story project.

This is the year OGS was officially launched as a result of your contributions and support.

I would like to say big thank you to all of you who were so enthusiastic and open to the idea of making with me local stories in 24 hours. I believe we all learned something new and had fun shooting on the streets and in the venues of the big cities and smaller towns world wide. It was truly inspiring to improvise with you!

Thank you very much to all great musicians, composers and sound artists who made such an incredible job in such a short time. The stories sound great thanks to you!

Thank you to Courtney and her talented programers who made this great website for our project!

And thank you to the growing number of our viewers and supporters for being with us and sharing the comments and ideas for future stories.

At the same time I would like to say sorry to all who may have had any reasons to be disappointed with the outcome of our work. It is a quite big project and some things may have not worked out as initially planned. Well do our best to fix any issues and run the project smoothly in the next years to come.

Finally, I would like to wish you all the best for the coming Festive Seasons – be well, smile a lot, rest and get ready for the New Exciting 2010!

big hug to all of you!


Happy Festive Seasons

Story Key

November 16, 2009 4:34 pm

Hi everybody after a little break,

here it is, a special story in our series called ‘Story Key’  straight from New York!
It took about 4 hours for Daniel and Mark to create the mysterious key that will explain some of the other stories in our series. It was a fast and exciting run through some of the NY finest landmarks. But besides being stopped by the police nobody got into serious troubles and we had quite a lot of fun making it.
Soon in this week there will be a follow up story from New York with a new character portrayed greatly be Suzanne!

Don’t forget to turn up your speakers for the incredible music by Joe!

Yes, we have ben very lucky finding really great musicians and composers. You certainly remember tango inspired Bianch Bros in Buenos Aires story, Rafal’s orchestral illustration for Warsaw and Berlin stories, David’s electronic vibes for Berlin, Toni’s cross-cultural inspired music from Vienna and Hong Kong and great pipa performance by Liu Fang.
This time I am happy to introduce a very talented composer musician and trumpet expert Joe Good form Portland.

We may welcome another great musician for our Paris story soon.

Enjoy it and don’t forget dropping a few words of comments under movies.


There was some confusion regarding where to find your stories. Just to repeat:

Our fiction series is at
Our art projects are at
Our movement stories are at

You can access all three websites from each of them individually. Just look at the header.

All the best


Early November stories

November 1, 2009 8:15 pm

Hi there,
we are somewhere a bit more than half way through our stories in this season.

Today, Sunday October 31, we are featuring a movement story from Warsaw by Rafal and Robert. You may learn something about smiling and sharing here.

Monday November 1 – We go to Vienna to try the limits of Art. In the tradition of spoken art we saw in Paris, we go deeper beyond phonetics and actually try to create art with nothing but words, a camera, and an old toaster. Ida and Richard will take us for the journey. So on Monday let’s art about ARTificial.

Tuesday November 2 – Ida and Richard continue their art project in Part II. It doesn’t get more honest than this!

Wednesday November 3 – One Global Story goes to Hong Kong where opposites meet in stunning skycrapers’ scenery under a full moon and with the incredible music of the traditional Chinese string instrument — the pipa — played by Liu Fang and arranged by Toni.

Thursday November 4 – we come back to our art project by Ida and Richard. Part III -  Love, where they discuss taboos about love, relationships and the art concept we began with.

Friday November 5 – Yasmin from Berlin will tell us how you can get an explosive energy kick through music, even if you are in your sixties.

Hope you enjoy the stories for this week. Feel free to comment on them! More stories to be announced soon.

All the best for the first week of November.

October’s new stories

October 28, 2009 12:08 pm

Hello my dears,

As you’ve seen, we opened last week of October with a movement story from Hong Kong.  Then we had our shortest story, from Warsaw. This movie was also made in the shortest time — just 4 hours from the time we met with the actors for the first time and started thinking about a story from their city till we finished it with the rough cut!

Today and tomorrow in the art project, we feature our brave theatre play from San Francisco — The Sin… Parts I & II. Don’t miss this one as it may not be available for viewing for long. I’m sure you’ll keep singing the songs long after the play is over.

Friday October 30, One Global Story goes to Berlin to explore triangle relationship of Inka, David and Simone. Open your ears and mind for the dream-like music by David and Rafal.

Saturday October 31, One Global Art visits the world’s largest art painting production site in Shenzhen and features an act of oil painting by Liang Ai – ‘Me inside’.

Next week, we will hear more positive movement stories from Warsaw and Berlin; we follow one global story in Hong Kong, and explore the limits of Art in Vienna.

Enjoy it !
And thank you for your comments

Website Open

October 23, 2009 6:37 pm

Hi everybody,

Yes, our websites are UNLOCKED and available for everybody. Just spread the word and share.

Here are the premiere videos for the next couple of days:

October 23 – OGM. Sao Paulo, Brazil — Inara tells a bizarre house cleaning story.

October 24 – OGS. Vienna, Austria — Opposites meet again, this time, it’s a writer and his neighbor played by Rolf and Petra (also introducing Leon). Tune your speakers for great music by Toni.

October 25 – OGA. Paris, France — French, the sexiest language, as spoken by Jessica.

Coming week:

October 25 – OGM. Hong Kong, China — Connie tells us a story (Chinese only)

October 26 – OGS. Warsaw, Poland — The story features a migration officer and a young migrant, starring Mariusz and Sylvia. Check out the awesome music by Rafal.

October 27 – OGA. San Francisco, USA — Watch the unthinkable trio of Apollo, the Virgin Mary and Adolf Hitler in action, played by Sunshine, Saeko, and Anthony and directed by Luka.

Other stories from New York City, Berlin, Paris and Sydney to be announced soon.

Enjoy the weekend!



October 17, 2009 10:16 pm

Welcome everybody!

We’re finally launching our One Global Story, Art and Movement project online.

For the first week, it’s a private (password-protected) launch for all of you who
worked on this project. You should be the first ones to enjoy it and get used to the new medium.

It’s been a long time. After more than a year of planning, producing, collaborating, networking with you, traveling, shooting the stories, and making the website we’re finally at the end of the process of making it all happen.

At the same time, this is just the beginning. This is only a small and humble start to the One Global Story that will grow in different directions as the years go by.

At this point, you’ll only see a few videos in each of our projects in the first couple of days. We’ll add one new story every few days for each of you who worked on them to have your own premiere day. Please, CHECK THIS NEWS PAGE for current announcements on upcoming screenings!

This first 2009 season has about 10 videos in each category. Once we’ve played them all we’ll make a final public launch of our websites and keep it open for viewing and new suggestions. We’ll then start getting ready for the next (hopefully larger) season of 2010.

Our first stories are:

One Global Story:
Buenos Aires – Opposites Meet
A story by Ligia, Angus and Carolina with supporting roles by Celeste and Julian and the very Baires (short for Buenos Aires) tunes of Bianchi Bros.

One Global Movement:
Mar del Plata – Sandra’s project
A short story by Sandra who talks about how to help people in your community.

One Global Art:
Berlin – Petit Love
A multi cultural ensemble for an avant-garde project by painter Javier and his model Jimena, with electroacoustic support by Arno. Check it out!

Viewing suggestions: If the movie plays slowly or stops, wait until it downloads completely.  If it does not play at all, you may need a Flash Media Player which you can download for free from the web.

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who contributed to this project. It wouldn’t have happened without you!

Enjoy it and keep checking the website for new stuff.