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Tell a Story

Yes, you can tell a story!

Do you like our stories and think you could tell another one and join our project? You are in the right place.

Everyone has a story. Everyone can tell a story in a different way: some use words, images, and music and some others make the most of their technical and organizational skills or knowledge. Everyone can contribute – it is a shared project that supports global collaboration.

First, you should know WHO can tell a story, WHAT kind of stories can be told, HOW and WHEN to tell them. The text below will take you through all these questions. The information refers to all three projects: One Global Story, One Global Art, and One Global Movement.

We recommend that you also read our terms and conditions before using this website and participating in our community project.

Who can tell a story?

All our projects are open for collaboration involving creative people around the globe. Each project has certain unique characteristics.

One Global Story is a collaboration space for creative people who can tell a story through motion picture. In other words, it is relevant to all those who are involved in the moviemaking process, including – among others –  script writers, actors, crew, producers, music composers.

One Global Art is a project for artists who record their act of creation, share it, and connect with others.

One Global Movement is for those who do good things for themselves, their communities, or the environment or have ideas about how to do it and want to share it and connect with others.

What kind of story?

One Global Story: The story is not only the story itself but everything that contributes to creating a movie. This means the story you contribute may well be an idea for a story, a script, your acting, technical or production skills, music or editing, etc.

One Global Art: This is a video recording of the very act of creating or performing art of any kind.

One Global Media: In this section, you share your ideas and all the good things you do for yourself, others or the environment in a video recording.

You can contribute a new story or you can contribute to an existing story by becoming involved in the post-creation process (for example, by making music for an existing movie).

One story

Please, remember we attempt to make and show one global story. That means our stories are connected and unified in this goal. We collaborate with each other to make it happen.

2009 – our first season – sets up the one story by creating a network of stories in various parts of the world. The setup stories are relatively vaguely connected to offer flexible possibilities to join them and tie them up into one narrative in the next season.

However, please notice this is NOT a general video website that displays random, unrelated movies. If you have a cool video or idea that is not linked to our story and you want to show it to the world, then join one of many video display websites out there in the World Wide Web.

How to tell

There are some basic rules, including our terms and conditions that need to be respected and accepted by everyone who wants to tell a story with us.

Making one or part of our stories is a collaborative process. In order to keep the collaboration focused on telling one story, all potential contributions need to be coordinated and approved by the One Global Story creative team and the producer (Global Media Content). Only approved works may join in our project. For more details on production, co-production and submission, see our terms and conditions.

One connected

It doesn’t seem too repetitive to once more emphasize that our aim is to create one global story and that your potential contribution needs to keep this in mind. So, once again, each story is a self-contained unit that tells a complete local story but connects it to other existing stories, leaving an open end for other stories to connect to it.


In general, we try to come to you and make the story with you. Where coming to you physically is not an option, we put you in touch with other story tellers and make the story happen by collaborating online.

Free project

Please notice the participation and contribution to this project is free (there is no payment of any kind involved). The only reward for us all is the joy of making one global story and collaborating in this process with other people from around the world. We profit from the friendships and professional relationships we establish in the creation process.


We emphasize very strongly that our stories are locally made. This means they tell local stories, by local people (artists), in local languages. By doing this, we support local cultures while connecting them into one single story.  Our stories contain English subtitles as English is the most widely spoken language in the world these days and hence a means for mostly everyone to communicate. However, we are open for collaboration in any other language, as long we can communicate and understand each other.

24-hour rule

We make our stories in no more than 24 hours. This means each contributor, either in production or post-production, has 24 hours to create and deliver the work. However, the production and post-production creative processes do not need to take place in the same 24-hour block. For example, we produce the story (generate the idea/plot, shoot and finish with the rough cut) in one day. A few days later, a composer may want to make music for the movie. From the moment they see the movie for the first time; the artists have 24 hours to compose music for it. Because the work we do is unpaid, the 24-hour rule honors our time constraints, challenges our creativity, and makes the project doable on a global scale.

Simple, creative, original

The idea is of course not to worry about making a big production in only 24 hours. To tell a story you do not need to have a large production set, a vast crew, or the latest recording equipment. It’s all about simplicity. At the same time, we highly value good quality work and so, although simple, your contribution needs to be creative and interesting.
Remember to also be original. Do not copy other people’s ideas, projects and styles. Do not repeat the same story with new participants at a new place.  Rather, bring the creative process to the next level by connecting your story to other stories in as an original a way as you can think of.


Do you enjoy the free work of others? Do you agree with the above rules? Then let others enjoy and respect your contribution too. This is the job for the producer (Global Media Content) who supervises the entire project and deals with artists like you and other parties that support the production of One Global Story (including One Global Art and One Global Movement). In order to keep the project running legally and so as to protect the rights of all contributors, the producer has the unlimited rights to use all created work for the One Global Story project. The One Global Story network is the only legal space via which the video stories made of all audio-visual contributions can be displayed and distributed. You have the moral rights as the author of the contribution you deliver and this will be recognized in the movie credits and in the “Story Teller’s Profile” section of the website. Plus, you get global exposure and the possibility to collaborate with other artists within the One Global Story project.

Please remember that all rights to each of our projects (including One Global Story, One Global Art, and One Global Movement) and the content on these websites are protected and reserved by the legal producer of this project, Global Media Content.

Remember as well that nobody has the right to use the One Global Story, One Global Art and One Global Movement name and logo (TM), production concepts or ideas for their own productions without clear written agreement from the producer. Any misuse will be prosecuted. For more details see our Terms and Conditions.


We are currently not working on any more creative projects for the 2009 season, but we may have options for collaboration on current projects in post-production.

We are preparing the production of our new season for 2010 and so we will start working in mid 2010 to short-list all potentially accessible world regions. We will first favor stories from world regions that are not yet represented in our project. We reserve the right to change any dates, depending on our production capabilities.

If you have ideas for collaboration on a new project in the next season please contact us and send us your proposal. We will consider it and get back to you as soon as we can.

We respect your work and always officially recognize your authorship. Our collaboration and exchange of creative ideas is strictly confidential.

So, why don’t you try to tell a story?