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Terms and Conditions


Please read the terms and conditions (‘TaC’) of our service carefully before using this website and participating in any of our projects.

This document briefly describes the project, defines the parties involved, and explains how to use it.

One Global Story, One Global Art and One Global Movement (henceforth referred to as ‘project’, ‘website’ or OGS, OGA and OGM, respectively) is an online communication platform for making, connecting, and showing various audiovisual content made in collaboration with creative people worldwide and linked into one series.

The website is provided and produced by Global Media Content (‘producer’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘GMC’) [owned by Andrzej Gwizdalski] who holds all rights to the project. The audiovisual material (e.g. videos) in our websites is further referred to as ‘stories’, and/or together with other image- and text-based material, ‘the content’. Users of our websites are also referred to as ‘viewers’ (also ‘you’, ‘they’) or ‘members’, ‘story tellers’ if they actively participate in the project and/or have registered.

You can only use and participate in this project if you read, understood, and accepted these terms and conditions. If you do not agree and do not accept the TaC please leave the website. We also reserve the right to change and amend the TaC. It is in your best interest to check the website frequently and be up-to-date with the latest TaC. If you have further questions regarding this matter, you can contact us on

In order to use and participate in this project you need to be of a certain age, as regulated by the country or place you use it from. According to Australian law, you must be at least 15 years old to view this website or become a member, and at least 18 years old to participate in our project. If you are under this age and you want to participate in our project you need to provide written permission by your legal guardian(s) (e.g. parents). Please, note that certain content in our website may be rated ‘M’ and is suitable for mature audiences only.

Viewers are those who visit our website and view the general available audiovisual content. They may have limited access to the entire content and data on the website. Viewers may use the website interactively by commenting on the stories in the format provided and after identifying themselves by name, origin (city), and email address.
Offending, vulgar and discriminatory language is strictly prohibited on the project’s website. Any criticism to the authors of the story should be constructive and expressed in a polite way. We reserve the right to remove comments at any time if these are in any way found to breach the aforementioned requirements on good conduct.

Members are those viewers who use our website actively and have access to extended content. Membership requires registering and signing up with a protected password to our website. The membership service is subject to future development and is currently NOT AVAILABLE.

This is an exclusive membership restricted only to those people who participated in any way in the creation of our stories. Story tellers have full access to the content and data available for members and are provided with information enabling and encouraging collaboration among them, in particular in creating future stories. We make an effort to promote our story tellers and their work. One of the options is the Profile list where story tellers may post information and images about them in the format provided by the website.
Please notice we reserve the right to terminate any membership if we believe the member violates any of our TaC and rules or acts against our or other members’ interest.

Third parties are people, organizations or businesses who cooperate, support or are in some way a part of our project. These could be in the form of a partnership, sponsoring, or advertising. Third parties have their own terms and conditions which we take no responsibility for and have no relation to. If you decide to interact with third parties present in our project, please read their terms and conditions first.

Short videos are the main audiovisual content in our website. Other content may include text and images (and other website-used forms) provided by us, our users, or third parties. Our website is the only and exclusive place where stories produced for our project can be displayed and viewed. We reserve the right to make the content available to other media and projects. No other user or party has the right to take the content in any form and profit from it commercially or make it publicly available in any physical, online or any other form without written permission.

If you want to participate in our project actively by contributing to the story and become one of our story tellers, please also read the general directions (labeled ‘Tell a Story’) available in our website and contact us for further specific information before starting a project.

Your CONTRIBUTION may take any form of story-telling via the audiovisual medium (e.g. video). This can be a written idea for another story, a script, work and service as an actor, or crew member as well as any other person involved in movie production and post-production, including producers, lawyers, musicians and other artists. Contribution can also include the production of an entire or substantial part of a local story. Other people who are not related to the film/video industry or who do not view themselves as artists may consider participating in OGM project by telling one of their stories to the camera.

BEFORE starting any potential contribution to our project, you should inform us about it by sending us a written proposal to our email ( You then need to receive written confirmation from us and sign an agreement specifying the details and terms of our cooperation. We reserve the right not to answer to all email proposals, or store them and answer them at a later date. Please remember that our correspondence and collaboration, including exchange of information and documents, remains confidential at all times.

You need to be capable and eligible to create/produce your contribution independently. You are solely and fully responsible for creating your contribution and for clearing all rights (including copy rights) to the content you submit. You are also responsible for all legal, financial, material and moral aspects of the production and delivery of your contribution. Under no condition are we liable for your actions, work and their consequences related to any stage of the production (including pre- and post-production) of your contribution. This includes you and any other parties working with or for you.

Remember that nobody has the right to use the One Global Story, One Global Art and One Global Movement name and logo (Trade Mark), production concepts or ideas for their own productions without clear written agreement from the producer. Any misuse will be prosecuted.

We also reserve the right to reject any proposal for a contribution or a contribution delivered to us if it does not meet the formal or creative/aesthetic criteria or if it violates our TaC.

Please notice that contribution and collaboration in our project is free (unpaid) at the moment. Any exceptions to this rule are subject to individually written agreements between us and you. Participation happens on a voluntary basis but is competitive based on the creative and artistic criteria of each project/proposal which can be judged by us or external experts.

Please notice that all our content, including your contribution in whole or as part of it, may be used to promote our project in trailers, ads or other forms available in our website or in other media. This includes using the content or its parts in cooperation with our partners, sponsors and advertisers who support our project in some way. We may also sell advertising in association with all stories in our website and generate revenue from the content in other ways. In case we generate any profit by sub-licensing your independently-made story (the entire short movie) to any external online, terrestrial, cable or mobile media we will share with you up to fifty percent of the profit.

Please notice the collaborative nature of our project where many local stories are connected into one. One Global Story has to be a secure and reliable entity that allows our viewers and contributors to participate in it. This means that each story or any contribution to the story, together with the rights to it, becomes part of the entire project.

As a consequence, we own the copyrights to the entire project and each part of it that we produced and/or co-produced in collaboration with you. When an entire local story or a substantial part of it was entirely created or produced by you for the purpose of our project, you grant us the right and license to use the content for the life of the entire project. Exceptions to this rule are subject to individually written agreements.

Unless other agreements are made when submitting your contribution to us and granting us the license to use it, the following general conditions apply. You grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, and transferable right and license to use, publicly display, edit and distribute your contribution or part of it in our project in the current online medium or other media not yet known. In addition to the above, the license to use your contribution is exclusive to our project in at least the first season (usually a year) in which you submit it. This is to guarantee the originality and exclusivity of our project and prevent parts of it from appearing in other similar media or projects. For this period you may enter and promote your artistic work in other NON-similar media and projects such as conventional (non-online) artistic Festivals or other places agreed between you and us. After the exclusivity period when your contribution has been part of our project, our license and rights to it become non-exclusive with all other conditions of licensing staying unchanged.

We value your moral rights as an author of the contribution you deliver and this will be recognized in the movie credits and in the “Story Teller’s Profile” section of the website. We will also do our best to represent your contribution fairly and promote it within the possibilities of our project.

You agree not to take any harmful actions and not to do anything that would go against our interest or the interest of our members or any third parties working with or for us. You agree to indemnify us or any third party for any legal responsibility, material and financial loss or damage caused by you or anybody on your behalf.

We take no liability for your use of our website and participation in our project and any consequences arising from it. It is your own decision and responsibility to use our website and participate in our project. In no case will we be liable to you for any sort of damage including expenses or lost profits resulting from using our website, its content, and from participating in our project.

GMC is registered in Victoria, Australia and is a subject to the legislation of this State.

One Global Story is a registered trademark. Please remember that all rights to each of our projects (including One Global Story, One Global Art, and One Global Movement), the format in which it operates, and the content on these websites are protected and reserved by the legal producer of this project, Global Media Content.

By continuing to use our website or participating in our project you agree to and accept our Terms and Conditions.